TimepassTown.com was the website I had created when I was fresh out of high school. With the aim of coming up with a better way to pass time on the Internet, TpT (as we fondly called it) evolved in three iterations into a community-based literary showcase. People would submit poetry, stories, weblog posts, and other interesting content covering a myriad of topics.

The third version of Timepasstown was something I coded and designed over a week or two. It wasn’t the best week of my life, considering that I was going to college, coming back home at 6 in the evening, starting TpT work at 10 in the night, till about 3 or 4 in the morning, then waking up at 6:30 to get ready and leave for college. But I guess the madness paid off; and TpT got fairly popular. I recollect once noticing in the Google Directory that it had a PageRank of 8: a score usually given to websites like Hotmail.com. Some of the credit for this popularity goes to the Blogsnob advertising service, which was initially hosted as a subsite of TimepassTown. The best things was that I made a lot of friends via TpT, many of them turned out to be very Irritating In Real Life™, and most of them are still in touch with me, for some reason.

However, as we all know, with great popularity comes great responsibility™; and it’s not easy to single handedly manage a website with moronic trolls all over the place, and all sorts of crappy content to sift through to find good articles. Managing all my projects – Blogsnob, idya, AdSystem, TimepassTown while keeping my grades at college from sinking was quite difficult. Thus, I decided to shut down TpT3; promising everyone that we shall return with a bigger, stronger, and better Version 4. That hasn’t happened yet, but it will. Soon. Or maybe not so soon.