i'm alive

Well, I've been meaning to write this entry for ages now, but I guess the procrastination glands have been working overtime lately.

Frequent visitors of this weblog might have noticed the "Live From Mumbai" sign removed from the headers on the 15th of this month - that was the day I came back to Delhi, after 3 and a half long months away from home. I travelled by the new Rajdhani Express, which looks spectacularly awesome in terms of exterior train design. The interior hasn't changed much, though. I was disappointed that the notable updates to the interior were restricted to larger windows and airplane-like toilet facilities. I'm sure there was a lot more they could have done with the design. Of course, when they serve you Kaju Kishmish icecream for dessert after dinner, it's a little hard to complain about the overall experience, so I'll give it a thumbs up anyway.

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falling apart

Like all things in this world, my computer too is showing signs of age. At times, the CD drive stops working, which I tend to by taking off the case cover and reattaching the connecting wires after blowing on them in an attempt to remove dust. This is an easy task, since I keep my computer in a state of "easy undress"; all screws removed, with the inner wires arranged for easy access. However, while you might think that this redressal would allow me to get on with my work, my computer decides otherwise during the next boot: Error: Floppy Drive(s) Fail. After the floppy is fixed, it's the keyboard's turn, where one encounters the funniest IBM joke yet: Keyboard fail. Press F1 to continue.

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25 days to go

My Haypi Budday is coming up in 25 days (yes, go ahead, call me cupid). So I hope all my dear readers are all gearing up to buy me that Tablet PC I wanted... Also that Ford Ikon nXt they're showing on TV... Oh, I also need a new desktop - um, let's see... Dual P4, 1G RAM & Scanner? Of course, what's a 20th birthday without a grand surprise party thrown by friends at the Oberoi?

Yes, people, I turn twenty this year. Now I'm what they call Old. Sorry, world, I refuse to grow up. To quote Bryan Adams here:

18 TILL I DIE!!!