Making Programs Talk to each other using XML-RPC

The Internet has changed the way applications are built today. In the last few years, we have seen a sudden burst in Internet software – Instant Messengers, Online Gaming, etc; all based on the client-server architecture. With all this client server technology, we also have to ensure compatibility between languages, and operating systems. XML-RPC is one way to do this.


A Coder in Courierland:

Once upon a time, I was a coder not unlike yourself. My day consisted of coffee, perl and java hacking, meetings, and e-mail. I had a cubicle with fluorescent lighting, my own bookshelf and two computers. And I traded it all in.

Even before Office Space, white collar workers peered out the window (if they were so lucky) and imagined a more romantic life doing real work out under the sun.

Well, having no children, no great career ambition and no financial obligations more pressing than a crippling student loan, a year and a half ago, I decided to live this dream.

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tee nine

Some notes on T9. perl-fu used to prove interaction design-fu:

The patented iTap/T9 system uses a dictionary (does it also use a general language model?) to decode the string back into english characters. In the event of any ambiguity, the user uses scroll commands (embodied on one or more other keys) to select the desired word from a list offered by the machine.

I was curious to find out how good this code is for English. I could see it being bad in two possible ways.

1. Assuming that the user is purely typing words from a dictionary, how often will the user have to use the disambiguator, (Example: KISS = LIPS = 5477, and PUFFS = QUEER = 78337!)

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now on mt2.5

Finally finished upgrading to Version 2.5. This is the reason I moved to php from perl. I uploaded all the files, ran the script, and what do I get? The Internal Server Error 500. My webserver can't handle perl scripts in DOS format, so you have to convert it into UNIX format. It took me an entire week of research to get this thing right - 6 days to find the batch converter, and 20 seconds to convert all the files.