aural voyeurism

Muxtape is “a simple way to create and share mp3 mixtapes”. Reminds me of Webjay.

Mixtapes are public, and it’s interesting to look into people’s collections and stumble upon some rather wonderful pieces of music (this has a cost though; some of the japanese midi electronica was jarring).

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myspace music player code

I've been writing a lot of useless code lately! This one is for all you fans out there, and also for people who want to add a Flash / xpsf Mp3 player for their profile page. To add the player, simply select your favourite artist, and copy the HTML code. The player will _automagically_ start playing _full_ songs by your artist! This is how it will look like:


Ok, so here you go!

Select an artist:

Copy this code into your myspace profile:

How this works: Your favourite artist is first searched for on Seeqpod. Then, the Yahoo/Webjay XSPF player is used to play the searched flahs m3p songs. The beauty is that you (or I) don't have to host or worry about any file uploads, etc, so it's all painless!

all the mp3

US threatens Russia’s WTO entry with This is funny and disturbing at the same time.


on the lameness of valentines

me: so, are you sending roses to her?
me: or do you think V-day is lame?
friend: sending roses is lame
friend: mp3 encoder is lame
friend: another thingy for ur poem
me: 3 legged dog is lame
friend: thats the same lame as sending roses
friend: hmm, maybe i should send her a 3 legged dog