Application to Date Adam Mathes: I wonder if the "well, not anymore" message is there because the thing actually worked; or because it didn't.


mt vulnerability

MovableType users, there is a security issue that you need to tend to immediately. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Rename, relocate, or simply remove mt-send-entry.cgi. It's a formmail script, so people are using it* to spam other people. Of course, since it's your server that's sending out the Viagra emails, your server is going to be blacklisted when an anti-spam tracker detects it.
  2. (updated, thanks Adam) Add the following to your .htaccess file:
    <Files ~ "\.(ini|inc|tmpl|cfg)">
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no comments

Adam is waging a war against comment spam.


bye bye baby

BlogSnob now belongs to Adam Kalsey. Here's the joint press
. I've written about my atempts to streamline my workload before
- this acquisition is a step in that direction.

During my summer holidays, I spent some time scouting for someone to take over
the reins of the service; and Adam fitted the bill perfectly. He's got quite
a few things planned for the service; first of which will be the integration
of the existing Kalsey TextAd Exchange into BlogSnob. For the users, it's basically
a change of management, and enhanced prospects of getting to see new features,
and other cool things in the service.

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