scratching itches

Was only tweaking things for a website I’ve been setting up, and ended up submitting a core patch to Drupal! Let’s see what the Bryght people think about it.


Captcha vulnerability

Guys, if you’re running the Drupal Captcha module I wrote, can you please download the new versions? There’s a small security thingy that I just fixed. Thanks.

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Drupal insanity

1. Drupal infrastructure goes down
2. I am offline for the weekend, missing all the action.
3. Dries sets up temporary page, asking for donations for a new server, that would cost near USD $3000.
4. Donations trickle flood in, $6000+ collected in 13 hours!!
5. Current donations update: $9282 USD from 217 people.
6. Take an average: That’s 42 dollars per person!! Amazing.

update: Drupal.org is back up.


Drupal downtime

It’s a freak coincidence, Drupal, Drupaldocs and Drupaldevs are all down right now. Note that Drupal.org is down for scheduled maintenance, and has not been hacked or taken down or anything*. They’re changing the powerlines at the server room or something, and it’s just taking a little longer than expected.

Drupal versions <= 4.6.1 (and a bunch of other PHP apps) have a security problem which makes them vulnerable to code injection, which means bad people can do bad people to your website. To solve this, all you need to do is go to drupal.org and download the latest patched version. Since the site is down at the moment, here’s a temporary fix:

1. delete xmlrpc.inc in the includes directory.
2. upload a blank file in its place.

This should keep you safe from attacks, but will disable the weblogs.com, etc. “ping” notification, and the blogapi. You can later update the files when drupal.org is back up.


Supersize Me

I’m starting a page cluster called Drupal, Supersized to discuss, collect and experiment with scalability and high-performance issues in Drupal. I’m hoping people will come forward and contribute to this, let’s see how this turns out.


Implementing Caching in Drupal

The idea is to use memcached in place of Drupal’s MySQL based cache to make things more efficient.

Supposedly Linuxjournal already uses it; and Darix already has a modified sessions.inc for this.

Another post detailing extra parameters for memcached for Ragga-jungle.

The problem area is to cache $node, which is more complicated than $user; so we need to see how we can take care of this.


Drupal, Supersized

Drupal is a very versatile and well designed content and community framework. However, sometimes a standalone, simple Drupal install may not be enough; this page cluster studies ways to set up large-scale, multi-server Drupal installations.

If you have any information relevant to the contents of this page, you’re encouraged to contribute your content via comments / email, I will then incorporate the information into the pages, with attribution.

Mailing List: We also have a mailing list for discussions. To join, send a blank email to drupal-atlarge+subscribe@pixel.global-banlist.de

Dries is getting married :)

The Drupal.org site has a cute logo in place of the Druplicon right now :)

Captcha module for Drupal


Enables a CAPTCHA for the comments and user registration forms in Drupal. Users are asked to type in the word shown in the image shown, and are allowed if the code entered is correct.

Project Homepage:



GNU General Public License