High-end Computing Systems Group Faculty


Systems Seminar Fridays at 3:30pm in DL 480

Gagan Agrawal
High Performance, Data-Intensive, and Cloud Computing, Middleware/Compilers, Data/Web Mining

Srini Parthasarathy
Data Mining, Parallel & Distributed Computing Systems, Network Science at Scale (Social and Biological Networks)

Arnab Nandi
Database Systems, Large-scale Analytics, Data Interaction

P. (Saday) Sadayappan
Performance Optimization, Compilers/Runtime Systems

Christopher Stewart
Power management, Data-intensive services, Empirical studies

Spyros Blanas
Database Systems, Main Memory Architectures

Radu Teodorescu
Computer Architecture, Energy-efficient computing, Reliability

Xiaodong Zhang
Distributed Systems, Memory Systems (also Networking)

D. K. Panda
Architecture, Networking, Programming Models, Accelerators, Cloud Computing, File systems and Storage, and Power-Aware Designs, Big Data

Feng Qin
Operating Systems, System Security and Dependability, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Computing