Hindustan Times


My one paragraph is on page 8 of today's Hindustan Times. It's heavily hacked and paraphrased, but it does maintain some semblance of what I wrote.

In other news, Aishwarya Rai has been offered a Bond movie role! Break a leg, girl! oh sorry... she's done that already.



I just realized I've become such a happening person! Here's some of the things I haven't told the world about, so here goes:

idya rocks IP Univ.: We took our software to InfoeXpression 2003 at Indraprastha University, and won 1st prize! IP Univ labs have 100kbps internet... wow.

5th Sem results out:I'm second in class, 7th in the whole university! Thank you God!

Writer, Hindustan Times: Make sure you read the GenNow page on Saturdays in HT - the Weekly Web Wonder column is where I get to scrawl my sentences.

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