the Hindustan Times

damn, i'm in the papers again

A college friend just commented: "looks like fame does not stop following you"

Is this some sort of a conspiracy? I'm on the back page of this week's Education Times, listening to the wonderful Joanne Doyle from UCD at the Ireland Education Fair that was held recently.

In other media news, I won't be writing for the Hindustan Times any more, since I'm too soft hearted to tolerate the editorial intendance. Lookout for this week's Weekly Web Wonder, tomorrow on this weblog itself.


aloha, earth people

Greetings to all those people coming to my humble space on the Internet from the Hindustan Times article. I hope you find this place interesting, and come back here often. Some parts of the site are still incomplete, but you can have a look at TimepassTown if you want to read some cool stuff.

Feels nice to be featured in a National Daily - I've had my brushes with the media in the past, but to wake up in the morning and see my name on Page 16 of the day's newspaper...

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