MSNSearch tells the world that I'm the seventh most important singlegirl around:

7. arnab's world :: weblog
... Sex&SingleGirl. I am a neurotic sex goddess ...

Others disagree. Talk about a twisted sense of perception.

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PHP Programming Marathon:

The Marathon organizers will send a PHP problem via dotGeek messenger (powered by Jabber) which must be solved using both PHP and mySQL. The problem will be given at the below mentioned date and the registered participants will have to submit the solution within 24 hours via a submission form. The solutions will be analyzed by the Jury and, depending on the number of participants , the winners will be announced in maximum one week.

It's on November 22nd.

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superfast snobbin'

Brought back the blogsnob ad to the linkage column. It's incredibly fast loading this time around - because the ad is loaded on the server side using php, instead of javascript. If you're a BS member and your blog pages support PHP, you can substitute the adcode for this:

<? @include("")



Dear people who're contacting me for the PHP job post, I am 20 years old, I like to watch Cartoon Network, and eat copius quantities of candies, chips, and other stuff that comes in glitzy wrappers. Hence, I would really appreciate if you do not address me as sir.


why contribute?

Everyone is talking about Macromedia's Contribute. But what I don't understand is that how it's so revolutionary. How more easy to use is this than a customized content management system? If this has something to do with being able to edit static webpages without having to open them in DreamWeaver of Frontpage, how about a Wiki with a WYSIWYG edit box?

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We were short of time. The audience comprised the 8 member teaching staff of the Computer Science Dept. and students who were waiting for the prize distribution that was scheduled after the event. And there were exactly six teams that registered for the event who automatically qualified for the finals.

Even after all this, I would say the quiz was a success, if not a great one. I've done quizzes before, but this is the first time that I spoke properly, and didn't make any of those factual errors that lead to fights between the quizmaster and the participants after the quiz. The PHP script I wrote for the quiz(using DBX) worked without a hitch (yay!) and Kapil and Shantanu were perfect at the scores and computer. It was the first time I conducted a speed round in a quiz and I was surprised I didn't stutter or stammer!

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