Privacy issues with Google Street View

Google Street View is a pretty nice implementation of street level maps (originally implemented by A9, which is dead now, sadly). However, check this awesome view of Lombard Street in San Francisco. Notice something? The license plate numbers of the person are clearly visible! It seems that unlike the normal Satellite View which attempts to clean up as many people as possible, the Street View just gives up and shows whatever you see.

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Click to zoom in on the number plate

Anuj claims public photographs are public record, so no one should care, but I don’t know… I would have a problem with every single person on the internet knowing that my red Chevy Cobalt numbered 5NEX174 was criss-crossing down the crooked street with someone in the passenger seat on a nice summer day.

Update: More “interesting pictures”:

* Man coming out of strip clubAnother man
* Guy checking out woman
* Reflection of the camera car