taxi driver

taxicabs and finite automata

Suresh writes about an interesting conversation with a taxi driver.

awestruck sidenote: Suresh works at the AT&T(bows head), and did his PhD under Prof. Motwani(bows head).

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of travel and bad planning

Train to Dadar: Rs. 8
Bus from Dadar to Pune: Rs. 150
Bus from Pune to Dadar: Rs. 150
Taxi from Dadar to Powaii because I was a wee bit late and that the last train to Thane had left Dadar 10 minutes ago:: Rs. 260

Moral of the story: Sure, Mumbai is a city that never sleeps and all; but it's not a 24x7 show either.

Side moral of the story: Never ask a taxi driver to turn on the music at such times. Taxi drivers who run at such times possess music of abyssmal qualities that might scare you shitless.