Finally back after more than 36 hours offline... Some "freeware" software trojaned an extremely freaky adware program into my machine. When I removed the adware, it took down the whole network adapter components of the OS along with it. Notes to self: a) Be careful about exactly WHAT freeware you're installing. b) If you ever meet a programmer who writes such kind of AdWare, remember to go for his jugular.


comatose again

After months of consideration, I've decided to pull the curtains on one of my babies, TimepassTown. The main page now says, "We'll be back." - I'm a little optimistic that I'll have a radical change of mind one day and get back to aimlessly putting in effort to maintain the site again. But till then, it's good night for TpT.

I'm desperately trying to streamline my life. Over these last few years, I've realized that trying to be a student/programmer/company-man all rolled into one is a little more than what I can handle right now.

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visio nary


When I'm training someone to be a C++ programmer, it would be nice if I never had to teach them about char*'s and pointer arithmetic

I know exactly what he means. I am a C++ guy at heart, but this is why I use PHP for more or less everything nowadays. (link found via Rob Fahrni)

I wrote to Rob when I saw a Visio ad in my inbox today, and before I could even reply to his first email, he had googled me out! (yes, it's a word).

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