myspace music player code

I've been writing a lot of useless code lately! This one is for all you fans out there, and also for people who want to add a Flash / xpsf Mp3 player for their profile page. To add the player, simply select your favourite artist, and copy the HTML code. The player will _automagically_ start playing _full_ songs by your artist! This is how it will look like:


Ok, so here you go!

Select an artist:

Copy this code into your myspace profile:

How this works: Your favourite artist is first searched for on Seeqpod. Then, the Yahoo/Webjay XSPF player is used to play the searched flahs m3p songs. The beauty is that you (or I) don't have to host or worry about any file uploads, etc, so it's all painless!

winamp player

A real Winamp player — I’d buy it.


messenger status yahoos

It's the latest thing that's not really got a purpose but it's cool anyway: putting all sorts of things into their IM presence / status. Yahoo Messenger's LaunchCast player automatically tells everyone you know what you're listening to. I have no clue why people would be interested in what you're listening to, but then again, I also have no clue why people would be interested in what I did on the night of Independence Day, so I guess it's better to discuss the hows and ignore the whys. So here's a plugin that allows you to change the status of Yahoo Messenger v6 to whatever you're listing to on Winamp.

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n-ball, anyone?

There were 4 of us playing our class's official sport, Hand-Squash today. After a few games, we got bored of it, and I thus invented n-ball.

It's basically an n-sided Football game, played with a tennis ball, the same one we use in Hand-Squash. The rules for n-ball are simple:

1) Every player has a goal that he has to defend.
2) For every ball hit into a player's goal, his points increase.
3) Whoever concedes 5 goals is eliminated from the game.

The rules were short and simple, but the match turned out to be a long, extremely fun game. Since it was a knockout game, everyone had to survive by protecting his/her goal. But if you just stood there trying to protect yourself, you could'nt attack other's goals. We had 4 people, so each player could shoot to 1 of 3 opponent goals. Like all survivor shows, we formed an alliance against one person and tried to get him out. But trust was a dangerous thing , as the person you trust could end up scoring in your goal!

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