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It's the latest thing that's not really got a purpose but it's cool anyway: putting all sorts of things into their IM presence / status. Yahoo Messenger's LaunchCast player automatically tells everyone you know what you're listening to. I have no clue why people would be interested in what you're listening to, but then again, I also have no clue why people would be interested in what I did on the night of Independence Day, so I guess it's better to discuss the hows and ignore the whys. So here's a plugin that allows you to change the status of Yahoo Messenger v6 to whatever you're listing to on Winamp.

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PHP Programming Marathon:

The Marathon organizers will send a PHP problem via dotGeek messenger (powered by Jabber) which must be solved using both PHP and mySQL. The problem will be given at the below mentioned date and the registered participants will have to submit the solution within 24 hours via a submission form. The solutions will be analyzed by the Jury and, depending on the number of participants , the winners will be announced in maximum one week.

It's on November 22nd.

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IMproper communication

It seems both my instant messengers have gone crazy. People don't get all my messages, get them 5 minutes late, and sometimes I don't get their messages. It's a little frustrating, because miscommunication is much worse than no communication at all.

Come to think of it, Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger are both free services. I do not pay to peruse these services; so I can't really point a finger at them. Just like what's happened to free email - available, but unreliable. So just like email, instant messenging will also go paid? If it's not too expensive, I'd seriously consider

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mushy mushy messenger

The reviews of the new MSN Messenger 5.0 have'nt really been too encouraging. And I agree. Other than being yet another unneccessary cosmetic change, this upgrade was just another incorporation of some completely useless, and particularly annoying features. For example, the extremely irritating MSN Today popup, a dastardly sin that the Yahoo Messenger had already commited. And a new set of sounds that replace the pleasant old ones. The new "user is online" sound is not quite what you'd like to hear at 2 o'clock in the night when you're reading a scary story. (Of course, they're far more pleasant than Yahoo's "user is offline" sound - a horrifying creaking door from those vampire movies.)

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This message box suddenly popped up right now:

The MSN Messenger Service will be shut down for maintenance in 5 minutes. Please complete all conversations in this time. After maintenance, you will be able to log back in.

Mixed Feelings:
a) It's nice they're telling us about it instead of a sudden blackout; but
b) why go down for maintenance in the first place?


I think it'd be cool

I think it'd be cool if someone could make a small tool so that I could type in google: apples -oranges into my browser and it would take me directly to the Google search results. Yahoo messenger uses something like ymmgr: and MSN uses msmn:; so I think it should'nt be too difficult to implement.