so i
walked around
the crowded conclave of
these markets and people
and i
was so lost
about where those notes
were coming from and
who made that music
that had touched and then frozen
my sense of direction
in a
moment of perfection
i was so lost
when i saw
your fingers
strumming so gently
six strings in those patterns
that made me stand still
for a moment or two
or a million, i would never know
for i
was so lost.

here i was
spending my time seeking spirit
lending my life towards yearning
for a reason to breathe
looking for a hunger to appease

and there you were
with a calm up on your face
lips, silent
fingers, manipulating
strings of lonely hearts
tearing them apart
one by one.

i’m sure there is a reason
for each day in every season
to be spent in the hope of
some goal that
i can only wish
that one day you will find
but for now
i hope you do not mind, if
i could sit with you all day long
writing lyrics to your songs
like this one.

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