Making Programs Talk to each other using XML-RPC

The Internet has changed the way applications are built today. In the last few years, we have seen a sudden burst in Internet software – Instant Messengers, Online Gaming, etc; all based on the client-server architecture. With all this client server technology, we also have to ensure compatibility between languages, and operating systems. XML-RPC is one way to do this.

only the email is free

You can email me at my new snazzy email address, arnab # budweiser.comBudweiser is giving away free email accounts. It’s got a filtering option that allows me to forward stuff to my Gmail, which makes life very simple.


Rasam ingestion protocol

Had rasam for lunch today, which led to my brain popping up a few questions I'd love to have answers to:

  1. Do you eat rasam, or do you drink rasam?
    Rasam in culinary taxonomy would find its place in the "soups" category. While a soup is eaten, I find the concept of eating rasam a little hard to digest. any comments?
  2. My second question is a more important one, since I'm afraid I might be doing this wrongly: How do you eat rasam with rice? Is there a method to this, one that does not involve making a swimming pool out of one's plate?
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new gmail features

Gmail added some new features to it's arsenal today. The most important one for me being the ability to import contacts, of course. Combined with address auto complete, it's a wonderful thing to have.

The next big thing I'm looking forward to is Yahoo Mail's clean, fast new interface - thanks to its acquisition of OddPost. I expect it'll hit browsers within a month.



Techfest, one of India's biggest technical festivals begins tomorrow at IIT Bombay. I'm sad because I didn't have the time to prepare for it and come up with something (Kapil, Jayant and I are all working at different places this semester). I'm also sad because this is probably the last college technical festival I'll be witnessing as an undergraduate. Of course, that is assuming I am fortunate enough to pass and get my degree this year.

Well, there's still a lot to see in a tech fest even when you're not participating. I intend to be the "silent witness" this time, instead of putting on my usual enthusiastic software demo zealot garb. I'm really looking forward to the Open Software Demo contest and the talk by Kevin Warwick.

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3 down, 2 to go

Somebody should shoot my university's schedule-makers. It's Christmas time, everyone's partying, and I have to study for exams! How does one expect me to study Artificial Intelligence (exam on the 29th) with this holiday season around? And I have nothing, simply nothing to say about my E-Commerce papers, which are oh-so-conveniently slated for, yes you guessed it right, the 31st of December. I wonder if they're planning a cute little party at the CompSci department at the end of it.

And if you thought this was the end of my rant about my the University of Delhi, Computer Science Dept.'s sadistic pleasures, I'm sorry, there's more. Some extremely wise and foresighted individuals decided that the exams shall be conducted from 2:30 to 5:30 in the afternoon/evening, which in this 6°C weather, makes it almost impossible to have any motor control over your hands by the end of it all. You might think it's funny to see a guy squirm in the cold trying to write somewhat legibly while at the same time control the urge to visit the bathroom in the dying minutes of an examination, but I assure you, it's not. I speak from experience.


CAT Exams Cancelled: The IIM entrance examination was cancelled today after the CBI busted a paper leak racket. My sympathies to all my friends who worked so hard preparing for it. Since the news was out only after the exam was conducted, all these poor souls had spent three hours of a wonderful Sunday morning toiling over something that they thought was the most important thing in their life! I guess they should view this as the ultimate simulated practice test: everything was exactly like the real thing!

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idyaDBX released

I'm happy to announce the release of idyaDBX: the new name for the DBX project. We're calling this idyaDBX instead of just DBX to avoid getting confused with all the other things named DBX: we're sick of people emailing us with their Outlook Express issues (go here, people!).

There are many cool things other than just the new name. The most important of which are the new licensing terms, where we're open-sourcing idyaDBX. By default, idyaDBX is available under the Q Public License, a OSI-compatible license that allows redistribution (without modification) of idyaDBX for non-commercial software. There are also some contributed fixes and minor tweaks in the code. In addition to this, we've moved the project to SourceForge and have redone the website: lots of new features to facilitate the project's progress.

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My country's Prime Minister is the eighth most influential agenda setter in the IT world today. Go Figure.

There's only one other Indian in the list, which is a disappointment. According to my 1/6th rule, atleast a sixth of the list should have been of Indian origin. That's a minimum of eight people. I look forward to the day that happens.

westward ho!

Good news: After my exams, I shall be spending a fornight in Mumbai, where I'm going to attend a course at IIT Powai about UNL. Really looking forward to meeting all the blog people... there's quite a bunch there!

So in case there's any trainee assassins who'd like to practice a bit of sharpshooting on the 1st of June, I'm the dark-skinned, (now) fat guy getting off the airplane at Santa Cruz Airport.

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