Kalsey Consulting Group acquires BlogSnob

Bye Bye BlogSnob! My first project to be acquired. Here’s the official press release.


Some new additions to my blogroll:

  • Ankit Mohan - grad student at Northwestern U who also owns the nifty domain.
  • Nat Friedman - Ximian co-founder with nice photos on his blog.
  • Alpha - Godess of weblog generated laughter.
  • Kalyan Varma - Security guru and a pretty cool guy. I'm a big fan of this snap of his.
  • Jeffrey Heer - Berkeley grad student and PARC researcher.

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things I found today

WozCam - a real, live webcam in Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's home. You can even control it - pan, zoom, et al. [found via The Scobleizer]

Jakarta's Jon: Some say he's not a nice guy. Some say he's a nice guy. I don't really care - if he tells me to write a subroutine that I could've designed better, I'm not arguing with him. No way. [found via Scripting News]

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