practical knowledge

The Compiler Design + Multimedia Applications practical exam went off without any major mishaps. Minor mishaps: The keyboard of the computer behind me got stuck with the chair, and flew off the desk when I turned. I had to do a clumsy dive-under-the-table action to save it. The external examiner gave me a weird look.

Then there was the multimedia program whose menus *just don't work*. Just one of those things that happen to perfect programs in crisis situations. I know my code, and I'm dead sure it was perfect, but it just didn't work! So I go out to drink water, and confirm the code with this friend, and the Compilers teacher sees me talking. Great, first of all, your code gives up on you, and then it also makes you look bad in front of everyone.

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the girl of my dreams

Part One of a series

I'm sitting in my favourite place at the restaurant, and suddenly this heavenly body starts walking in my direction, smiling at me. Long, dark hair; twinkling eyes... dark blue full sleeved turtleneck top, coupled with a denim asymmetric. A dozen thin, silver bangles that move up and down as she walks... She comes up to me, and sits down in the chair near me.

"Hi Arnab... How are you? Can you help me out? I'm having problems with the client server architecture for this web app - I was wondering if we could sit and you could help me work out the scalability issues..."

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