Ramji Narayan


Went for the walk at Tughlaqabad fort today. Magsasay award winner Dr. Ramji Narayan took us to the fort, and told us all about it. Dr. Ramji is an economics professor, but it's amazing that he knows so much about history. The fort is an amazing 14th century monument, and it was really cool to learn about how people built buildings for war in the pre-gunpowder era. We even had a chance to go down into one of the Sultan's escape passages, which was all dark and full of bats. It was a nice mix of adventure and education. And the phrase for the day would be Dr. Ramji's now famous qu

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walk, talk and a guitar recital

I've been quite busy this week organizing cultural events in my college, as a part of SPICMACAY's Virasat Programme. This monday we had a talk by Magsasay award winner Rajendra Singh about Water Conservation and the Environment. It was a really informative talk. On the 26th we have a walk around Tughlaqabad Fort with Dr. Ramji Narayan, a noted historian.