Nilesh Chaudhuri

news from the blogosphere

Another great reason to start blogging: famous bloggers get invited to TV shows. Sadda apna Yazad Jal was on Channel [v]'s "Choose or Loose" yesterday, along with Nafisa Ali, Mahesh Bhatt and Milind son-of-Murli Deora. As Murphy would have it, I missed the show, thanks to the cable guy who informed me that the [v] receiver had conked out (and not the other 86 receivers that could have). Let's just hope there're some reruns of the show sometime later.

Speaking of Channel [v], what's with all these new faces? I saw posters of this female Sarah something a few days back, promoting some model hunt. Three months of not watching TV and they begin strutting models on music channels. Great. So Mr. Cableguy, I want my [v] back ASAP. And Dear [v], I want some sensible airplay please.