Anti-God Starbucks cup has customer steaming

WorldNetDaily is running an article reporting Ohio customer Michelle Incanno’s problems with her Starbucks cup, which came with the quote:

“Why in moments of crisis do we ask God for strength and help? As cognitive beings, why would we ask something that may well be a figment of our imaginations for guidance? Why not search inside ourselves for the power to overcome? After all, we are strong enough to cause most of the catastrophes we need to endure.”

She says:

“As someone who loves God, I was so offended by that,” Michelle Incanno, a married mother of three who is Catholic, told the Dayton Daily News. “I don’t think there needs to be religious dialogue on it. I just want coffee.”

Haha, religious dialogue? This is philosophy, not religion. Plus, I’m not sure how a note on a cup constitutes a *dia*logue. But let us engage in the dialogue that Mrs Incanno did not want, since that’s what bloggers do. My problem is that Mrs Incanno is implying that God is this separate entity, this thing inside a church that she goes every week to worship. Frankly, viewpoints and protests such as these are exactly the kind of problems that result from blind faith. The unification of the “self” and the “almighty”, as opposed to the recognition of God as an object of worship has existed in many religions. In Vedic Hinduism, one is reminded of “Aham Brahmhasmi”, which loosely translates to “I am almighty”, referring to the same the power inside of us that the Starbucks quote talks of. Why do you have a problem with that, Mrs. Incanno? What of the symbolism behind the consumption of wine and bread? Does that not then represent an attempt to capture some of the magic in our own material body? My understanding is that Christianity in most of its forms forbids idolatry — and it is not the only religion to do so. It is a recurring theme across religions, where the crux of faith lies inside the believer. Then why have a problem with the quote? For all you know, there’s probably some frustrated, depressed suicidal yuppie who will want to have his last Venti Mocha Quadruple Espresso to go wash down that jar full of sleeping pills, who will read this quote and and realize that God Almighty is not going to fly down and hand him a pile of cash, that he needs to get off his ass and get his act together. Given the potential benefits, I think Mrs. Incanno is better off ignoring messages she does not understand.

bloody indian

Bloody Indian:

“The standard-issue Bloody Indian goes abroad and talks only to other Indians. He or she will eat only rice and daal cooked in the communal kitchen where Bloody Indians gather. They complain about foreigners, their loose women, their dirty ways and their disgusting food. They will, however, religiously and respectfully put away these foreigners’ high-exchange-rate money every month.”
“The prime-grade Bloody Indian will go abroad and get a full-blown accent on the walk from the plane to immigration (some even get one on takeoff, and some of the worst offenders get one even before they’ve left home). They suck up to all the Westerners they meet and try very hard to prove to them that Indians are just Westerners in disguise.”

update, Nov 2010: Haha, I seem to be getting hate mail for this blog post! A quick clarification: the quoted words aren’t mine, they were from a website called “Bloody Indian.com”, which has since shut down. The site featured fairly stirring commentary on stereotypes of Indians abroad. I’ve updated the link to point to Internet Archive, so you can read the contents of that old website.

google whacking

Google recruiters are now using Yahoo 360 to recruit Yahoo Employees! Haha, very nice.


review on the d movie

Got this by email:

Movie review of D written by a friend:


Haha. Will have to watch it to corroborate. Next on my movie watching list: Parineeta, and Paheli. Both reportedly non-mainstream movies, looking forward to them.