...You don't notice that Eminem's song, Stan has the f-word 4 times until you're playing it at top volume, and your parents and you are having breakfast, listening to the "ambient music" you set up.


breakfast a la grandé

Went out for a walk today in the morning, and fixed myself a comparitively "grand" breakfast after I came back - here's what the menu was like:

Arnab's ispecial Chocolate Coffee (milk, cofee and 1/2 a bar of 5 Star)
Hot Scrambled Eggs with Butter
Toast (Extra crisp)
Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce, for the eggs
Nestlé Munch chocolate, to finish.

I had my computer play some songs in the background - from Euphoria's Dhoom to the brilliant song by Eminem - Stan.

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