Cyrus Broacha

arnab's guide for media people

I've had more than a few journos calling me asking me about "this blogging thing" wanting to know why people want to become lexical exhibitionists and where can they find more. Or something along the lines of that. Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind before calling me up:

  • I like to waste other people's phone money. If you're calling from Delhi, Digboi, Ukraine, or some other place far away, I like to do that even more.
  • And if you're from a newspaper I don't like because you guys have more scantily clad anorexics than news as content, I will yap like Cyrus Broacha.
  • Please, please, please do your homework first. My mother taught me that a long time ago. All it takes is a little googling ro yahooing or teomaing. Not that difficult, you know.
  • I will ask you to send me the draft text that pertains to me. Please don't throw your mighty newspaper's no-public-disclosure policy at me in retort. I do this so that you don't misrepresent me and write about how I like to wear pink polka dotted underwear while blogging. Dear readers, no matter what any national daily tells you, any mention of polka dot and my name in the same sentence is definitely fictional. I assure you that. Also, there are laws in India about this, and I have a lot of free time.
  • After speaking to you, I will send you links and things to help you. Please do check your mail after you speak with me.
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