Mumbai University

the indian dude behind every successful man

The PopSci article about colored bubbles is pretty disturbing. If I understand it correctly, the article proceeds like this: There’s this white dude who’s been dreaming about colored bubbles for 11 years, making pitches to Toy companies, burning up laboratories and stuff, all in the quest of a pink or blue bubble. Then he puts in an advert on for a chemist. Enter Mumbai University educated Dr. Ram Sabnis, who comes up with a degradable, surfactant dye solution within one year. White dude finally realizes his dream, his company is rich, the white dude and his posse live happily ever after.

Hold it. I don’t mean to sound racist, but why does the Indian guy who actually solved the colored bubbles problem have to wait for introduction till the ninth page of the article? This is a science magazine. I understand the whole “pursue your dreams” lesson here, but why aren’t we talking about the actual guy who made these frickin’ color floaties? Maybe the real moral behind this was: “If you have a dream, hire an Indian dude. He’ll spend one year instead of the 10 you spent, and make you a success!”.