Chinese government

miffed at the g magic

I’m both a little amused and a little disappointed at the whole aura of awesomeness that Google seems to have. They change tabs into a stupid select box, and the whole world goes like “Whoa, interface innovation…. awesome….”. Guys, this is how they had them in 1996 ya know. They change the result page to have vertical tabs, and people are amazed… guess what, a company you might be familiar with has already been there and done that. Makes me laugh.

Then, the disappointing bit: Like Cecilia says, Google is fighting the US government because it has a good economic stand in the US; and on the other hand, it’s cooperating with the Chinese government because they realy want to get into the booming tech market there. Here’s a dictionary link to the word hypocrisy.

Forget public opinion. Every single “innovation” the big G has released on their own weblog in the recent past is a stale rehash of something others have done years before. Custom Buttons? Go look at MSN’s IE Toolbar development kit. Internationalized Software? Oh, I’m impressed. TV on Google Video ? Just like iTunes, eh? nice. New Imagery in Maps? Playing catchup with Microsoft’s Birds Eye view, aren’t you? Delete Buttons!! Don’t even get me started. Federated Google Talk Holy crap, they wrote a jabber client. And MSN and Yahoo have corporate versions that do multiple servers, etc anyway.

Cmon Google! Show me the money!

Sidenote: The real innovation is subversive and controversial, and hence not very publicized. Google now personalized pretty much everything; search results are heavily personaized according to my preferences, and when and what I’m searching for. In my view this isn’t such a bad thing, but we’ll keep this for another blogpost.