cheating at blackjack

For those like me who like to "start afresh" at GNOME Blackjack (read: get rid of the huge previous debts): Go to the GConf-editor (for Fedora: Applications > System Tools > More System Tools > Configuration Editor) and navigate to apps > blackjack > global and change the value of balance to 500. Now start the game, and you have a clean slate. I wish real life was this easy.


gimp learnings

People who know me are aware how big a fan I am of the venerable application that is Photoshop/Imageready. After having shifted to Linux(post on that pending), I decided to have a look at GIMP today, based on a tip-off by a FLOSS buddy of mine. My findings are more or less concordant with the rest of the world (from what I found on google), but I'd like to add a few things to what everyone else is saying. I'm sure there are more people who're using the Fedora Core 1 distro with GNOME and are considering the GIMP as a serious replacement for Photoshop, so here's a few things that'll help them: