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An Introduction to Digital Watermarking

With the recent spate of cases involving fake currency, no one needs to be reminded of the importance of watermarking. A watermark is a form, image or text that is impressed onto paper, which provides evidence of its authenticity. Digital watermarking is an extension of this concept in the digital world.

Writing a simple guestbook script using DBX

Personal Homepages often contain a small section called a guestbook - a place where people can come and write stuff about how they liked the website, or just to let the person know that they've visited the page. And mostly, these pages are the ones with very less traffic.

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Mail without a mail client: Accessing your POP mail through TELNET

An introductory article that shows how its possible to check your POP email through Telnet, using the basic POP commands. This article was published in I.T. Magazine in May 2001.

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R.E.M. stands for Rapid Eye Movement, a term connected with the phenomenon of dreaming while asleep. I wrote this poem sometime around 1999, when I was in class 10. (click # to read more)

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My Own Kind of Weather

A blues-ish song/poem I wrote in the first year of college. Aadarsh, Ashish and I also attempted to compose a tune for the song and record it. Thankfully, I think I’ve lost the cassette had the rather hilarious rendition of this.

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Four rupees a kilo

A mostly fictitious story I wrote on a train journey from Delhi to Calcutta in 2002. The most difficult part of this story was to decipher the illegible scrawls I had made on the train and to write out a final version of the story
The scenery scrolled past, as I sat there, lost in my thoughts, looking out, admiring the horizon. I was traveling alone this time and my train was chugging through the lands of Uttar Pradesh, headed towards Calcutta.

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Fast Frequent Phrase Extraction for AutoComplete Applications

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