R.E.M. stands for Rapid Eye Movement, a term connected with the phenomenon of dreaming while asleep. I wrote this poem sometime around 1999, when I was in class 10. (click # to read more)

I’ve been thinking of life tomorrow
can’t see anything but sorrow
But still I dream.
All I can see is sadness
and an unexplained madness
But still I dream.

Dream of life in the wide blue yonder
All I do is sit and ponder
and I think of a pretty sunset now
and a happy sunrise, someday somehow.
Dream of life as a boat in the ocean
No more idealistic corrosion
A little bit of peace of mind
And a search for yourself, a soul to find.

I dream of a place like Paradise
where Music is the language of the soul and life.
I dream of a place that’s home for everyone
together, no one alone.
Yes. I dream.

(the part after this was surgically attached later, i don’t like it)

And one day I know I’ll wake up
to see the magical sun that day
with all the worlds people singing one song
that peace is here to stay