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1. Preprint of MapReduce Data Cubing Paper, to appear in ICDE 2011: [pdf]




Multiple Server Configurations for Drupal

Real-life and proposed multiple server configurations running Drupal

1. Multiple PHP servers, single DB server


Running Drupal on multiple databases

What do you do when one database server is not enough for your Drupal installation?


Better Search in Drupal

Drupal’s search is quite well written. However no PHP+SQL search can ever be as fast and efficient as a native IR-library based search.

This page is meant to collect and study all possible augmentations of external and internal search solutions with Drupal.

Another task is to figure out a clean way to specify an API that can be used for all these solutions; i.e. a uniform search-provider API that allows us to write modules to provide search features.

Possible solutions:

Interesting Links:

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Implementing Caching in Drupal

The idea is to use memcached in place of Drupal’s MySQL based cache to make things more efficient.

Supposedly Linuxjournal already uses it; and Darix already has a modified for this.

Another post detailing extra parameters for memcached for Ragga-jungle.

The problem area is to cache $node, which is more complicated than $user; so we need to see how we can take care of this.


Drupal, Supersized

Drupal is a very versatile and well designed content and community framework. However, sometimes a standalone, simple Drupal install may not be enough; this page cluster studies ways to set up large-scale, multi-server Drupal installations.

If you have any information relevant to the contents of this page, you’re encouraged to contribute your content via comments / email, I will then incorporate the information into the pages, with attribution.

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Using Telnet to send mail by SMTP

This article tells you about the basic command set of SMTP that you could use to send email through Telnet.

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Making Programs Talk to each other using XML-RPC

The Internet has changed the way applications are built today. In the last few years, we have seen a sudden burst in Internet software – Instant Messengers, Online Gaming, etc; all based on the client-server architecture. With all this client server technology, we also have to ensure compatibility between languages, and operating systems. XML-RPC is one way to do this.