Liquid Food

I recently underwent oral surgery to have 3 impacted wisdom teeth removed. Having 3 stitches in my jaw, it’s a little hard to eat anything that doesn’t go through a straw. Ironically, I’m not even allowed straws, since the suction isn’t good for the stitches. So what does one eat in this situation? Stuff that I have consumed so far:

* Strawberry Milk shake
* Blended milk and cereal
* Blended carrot and tomato soup
* Strawberry Cheesecake Shake
* Clam chowder
* Orange juice

Today I’m planning to try Ratatouille, which Katherine’s making for me. Also in the works is Blended chicken soup; I’ll post the recipe once it’s done.

I also found an interesting blog called Jaw Dropping Blends which hosts recipes for people just like me!

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