Attacked by the Lucene Bugzilla

Lucene’s Bugzilla was apparently migrated over the weekend, resulting in hundreds of emails being sent to the lucene-developer mailing list, all of which were totally useless and a royal pain to delete using a web-based interface(I was using gmail). Considering there’s atleast some hundred people on that mailing list(I guess), multiply that with the close to a thousand emails, and you have a lot of useless email that could have been avoided if someone just turned off email notification before bulk updates / migration.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, Lucene’s now become a top-level Apache project, putting it in the same league as the HTTP Server, SpamAssassin, Jakarta, and Struts. The Lucene project now comprises of Lucene Java, Nutch, and Lucene4c. I’m really looking forward to updates on Lucene4c; the webpages seem to be comatose.


comatose again

After months of consideration, I've decided to pull the curtains on one of my babies, TimepassTown. The main page now says, "We'll be back." - I'm a little optimistic that I'll have a radical change of mind one day and get back to aimlessly putting in effort to maintain the site again. But till then, it's good night for TpT.

I'm desperately trying to streamline my life. Over these last few years, I've realized that trying to be a student/programmer/company-man all rolled into one is a little more than what I can handle right now.

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