the secret is in the lemon

Due to the many failed attempts at making good mayonnaise sauce at home, I was a little wary about making it yesterday. I thought for a while about what could've gone wrong, and decided to do a bit of searching on the internet for the answer.

I was surprised by the answer: Lemon. By composition, mayonnaise is an emulsion of lemon juice and oil; with egg yolk acting as an emulsifying agent. How Stuff Works has a good write-up about this.

I've never added lemon before, and thus I always used to get frothy, oily goop that used to taste remotely like mayo, but was nothing like the tasty, creamy spread I got yesterday.

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fashionably caribbean gurgaon

Google thinks I'm the 10th best guy who knows what you could do in Gurgaon. Google thinks I could tell people where they hid the Caribbean oil after World War 2. But to top it all, everyone should now come to me to decide what to buy for the year after the next. |