toys i have bought lately

I’ve been shopping around lately, and here’s two of them.

This thin little watch — the Swatch Skin. It’s less than 4mm thick, and light as a feather. A huge change from my heavy-ish metal watches, and is great for daily wear.

My second acquisition is the iphone. It’s the ultimate geek toy of today. It’s really a marvel of engineering and design. I have seen more superior devices such as the Nokia N95, which trumps the iPhone in every way, but the phone has a certain sense of completeness which makes it a completely different product. Also, the fact that it’s a web-capable BSD Unix terminal makes it the perfect swiss-army-knife for most of my activities. IT’s a little clunky though, if you’re used to throwing around a RAZR, like me. But overall, I’m completely satisfied.



The ‘stank came to town. Not too bad as musical abilities are concerned, just that I feel a little too old for this noo age metal rock business.