using the iphone without gloves

Carrying an iPhone in freezing temperatures is quite a task considering that the touch screen interface relies on capacitance, and the only surface that seems to work for that is your skin, or an expensive high-tech glove, which I refuse cave in and buy. I wanted to make my own!

So I embarked on an expedition, taking pretty much everything and sliding it across the screen, in the hope of unlocking the device. Note: some of the things I try shoud not be tried on your iPhone, unless you have a mylar screen on it (I use BodyGuardz). Here are my results:

1. Erasers don’t work.
2. Pencils don’t work.
3. Metal Knives, coins don’t work unless I touch them.
4. Q-Tips don’t work.
5. Plastic pens don’t work.
6. Felt tips don’t work.
7. Sharpies don’t work and stain the screen protector.
8. Silicone skins for the phone don’t work.
9. Wet rags don’t work.
10. Q-Tps dipped in moisturizer don’t work.
11. Q-Tips dipped in resin rubber glue don’t work.
12. Glue sticks don’t work.
13. Cheese sticks don’t work.
14. My Nose works.
15. My Tongue works.

So there you are. Answering the phone when I’m outside bracing the elements now involves a peck and a swipe with my stubby nose. I must say though, flipping through contacts with a lick of my tongue is a gross but effective technique. And it seems like I’m not the only one, there are many like me.

This quest is not over folks; I intend to search on, and report back my results to my beloved readers. Till then, if you see someone trying to smell and lick rectangular glowing objects in their hand, worry not, they’re just trying to make conversation. :)