all nighter howto

How To Pull an All Nighter. Fairly comprehensive. I usually hate trance music, but it seems to speed up my work. The only thing I can add from my side is to do quick sprints in the department corridors, with occasional jumps, slapping the ceiling. This gives you the sudden burst of energy, and the jumping streches your tired muscles out.


maintainers wanted

Today, I woke up and decided that I will give my drupal modules away, in the hope that they will be better maintained. If you’re a Drupal developer who would like to take over the Captcha, TextImage and Similar modules, please contact me. Note, I’m not unmaintaining them, I’m only looking for a person who has more time and energy than me to work out the kinks and make the modules work for every Drupal version and not bloat the features and prefers to make things more efficient. If I do not find such a person, I’ll just keep sporadically maintaining them like I was. Interested? Just send me your username, and what module you’d like to take over.


moving over... finally

I've been meaning to do this for ages, but never had the time or energy to migrate my site over to Drupal. This is only a temporary template, I'm working on the structure of the site right now. There's all the nitty gritties that need to be tended to. Anyway, it would be a great help if you email me if you find anything amiss.

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from the iitb newsgroups

"Love is like energy which can neither be created nor be destroyed...

It can just be transferred from one girlfriend to another girlfriend."

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