Valentine's Day

the girl of my dreams

Veteran readers of this weblog might remember an attempt at starting a themed selection of blog posts of this title, wherein I ponder upon possible encounters with various members of the fairer sex. Here's one for Valentine's Day, which also happens to be the day I was born. Some people call it a fortunate coincidence, but I disagree:

Me: "Hey there. It's my birthday today."
Her:"Duh. Can't you guys come up with anything better?"
Me: "No, really! it is my birthday!."
Her: "Creep." (walks off)

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some thoughts for the VHP

How is it that all colleges are closed on Raksha Bandhan while they're open on Valentine's day?



I blew up the TV today. Well, ok, so it wasn't exactly a massive explosion that sent me hurtling through the air waving my hands and feet. I pressed the power button, and there was this spark inside, not unlike that of a fuse blowing up. All I did was press the button that says 'on'. And it's not switching on anymore. Hmm. Have to break this news to my parents. I wonder how my dad (world cup and news) and mom (soaps) are going to take it.

Anyway, my birthday is in three days, that is the 14th of February. I am sure everybody is getting ready with their gigantic gifts and stuff that I had hinted in my previous posts. I really love you all.

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