useless worrying

I spent all of last night worrying in my sleep about the 500$ that I had deposited into the bank, but was not showing up in my online account summary. “What could go wrong?”, I thought.

I go to bed, with this idea that “Oh well, it must take some time for the account to get the data, so when I check my account tomorrow morning, the money will be there.”

It’s 1 am now, and I’m now thinking in my sleep, “No you idiot, I gave them cash, not a check. Even checks are instant transfer these days. Cash should show up immediately!”

A while later, I decide that I can just go to the bank tomorrow morning, and sort this out in person. But wait, what do I tell them? My memory now rewinds and plays the moment when the cashier asked me if I wanted a receipt for the transaction, and I coolly say “No thanks”.

No receipt, no proof, no cash.

From there on till around 5am, I’m mostly trying to replay the sequence in my head, how I went there and gave them the money, and they put it in my account. Hmm. What if they put it in the wrong account? I often tend to mumble, and maybe in my mumbling Indian accent, I sounded like I was giving them some other account number?

Or maybe it was the feds… did my cash get “seized for review” or something — I cashed those dollars at a New York bank — you should never trust these New York banks!

Grr, it’s six o clock. Might as well wake up and get some work done. Check account — nope, no money still.

Hmm. Maybe…

I pick up my wallet and look though it. Right there, in one corner, is a folded bunch of 5 benjamins. I guess I never deposited the money after all.

Damn you fake memories.


ps3 madness

This is just plain crazy: a PlayStation 3 just got sold for $10,000 on eBay.


phdcomics at umich

Jorge Cham giving talk! Jorge Cham signing books!

PhdComics creator Jorge Cham was at school today giving a talk on every grad student’s favorite topic, procrastination. Got my books signed, and did the usual fanboying that is expected of me getting my picture taken with him! Really enjoyed the talk — it was almost like standup, although I did feel it was a little too simplistic for the audience. I know it’s hard to put a lot of serious content into a light hearted lecture, but it would have been nice to hear about related things such as structured procrastination and other such topics that usually haunt the “advice” section of eminent faculty’s homepages.

Some interesting things from the talk:

* Average annual stipend of a grad student in the U.S.: $14055. Average annual salary of a McDonalds employee in California: $14040. Which means we can afford an extra $15 CD once a year. Whee.

* It is not important that Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree when he discovered gravity. The important point is why was Mr. Newton sitting under an apple tree, slacking off, instead of working hard at his desk?

* A person in the audience shared an anecdote about how he ran an experiment five minutes before coming to the talk, and found out that he’s invalidated his advisors theories, etc. Jorge hears that and says, in a fearful voice: RUN!!”.

187 dollar computer

Chinese startup YellowSheepRiver release the Municator, which seems to be the cheapest fully-functional computer that money can buy. Pretty much everything in the box seems to be Chinese made; including the Godson processor. Contrast this with the Indian counterpart Simputer, which in my opinion was much superior in terms of design, but failed to break the 200 dollar barrier (it included a touch screen, though), and used an Intel StrongARM processor.


Feels like minus twenty

(This is a Bloo emailer I just sent out. Bloo is a elitist clique I and a few others run at UofM; so a lot of the text here is pointless to most people reading this, including Bloo members. Just thought I’d put it up for public consumption as well)

Feels like minus twenty

Just thought of sending out a “Yo, wassup” email, since I have a presentation tomorrow that counts towards 50% of my grade in that course, and I feel like wasting my precious hours doing something futile. One day I’ll figure out the cause of this suicidal tendency of mine. Till then, you can peruse some truths:

1. They put Cocaine in Orange Chicken. I’m telling you.

2. Orange Chicken is best when there’s only a bit of it left in the container. That way, it’s been there for a while, the flavor has seeped in and stuff. Fresh OC is rather pointless; you could have had chicken pakoda in imli chutney instead.

3. MDX, or Mountain Dew eXtreme, available at Ugo’s is not a bad drink at all. There’s a girl who buys this drink often; she’s quite pretty, in my view.

4. Speaking of pretty girls; that abhorrent construction in front of Pierpont is an Arts and Drama center. Arts and Drama, as we all know, means pretty girls. In other words, bear the noise / dust, kids. It’s (eventually) good for you.

5. The CSE CAEN labs are pretty spiffy, ya know. Where else would you find whiteboard grafitti that says “Happy Valentine’s Day” in Devnagari? (and then someone added Persian). And someone even wrote “Thanda MATLAB Coca Cola”. Geeks, I tell you.

6. I once asked for a “Medium Mocha without Milk” at Mujos, and got a severe mocking from the barista there. You see, a Mocha is a Latte, which by definition is a milk laced coffee. So, if you ever want something that’s strong, nice and has a strong hint of chocolate that makes you go vrooom; ask for a “Double Espresso with Chocolate Syrup, no sugar”. Sexiest thing I’ve had between my lips in the last few months. Sexiest thing under 3 dollars, that is.

7. Now that you’ve read all this, all I can say is, dude, what?! You think that midterm will take care of itself? Go and study!

Pray for me,

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a non geeky post, in response to feedback from my awesome readers, instigated by the accounts on this wonderful weblog

Pretty women can often keep your brain from functioning. It’s sometimes hard to believe, until you experience yet another embarassment that reminds you of the way things work in this world. Like, for instance, the incident that happened in the great Buffalo Wild Wings down on State Street. Great place, nice ambience, and dark haired, blue eyed waitresses.

Of which one of them comes up to me, and asks me what I would like to drink. “Just food”, I say. Sudden loss of ability to construct sentences, I realize. Maybe she’ll overlook that as a sign of me being, uh, you know, those Asian brown people and all. “What would you like to eat then”, she proceeds, maintaining her professional chirpiness.

“Six Wings”, I say, pointing to the menu’s photo as if to prove that either I am illiterate or she is.
“Would you like sauce with that?”, she asks.
“What sauce?”
“What sauce?”
“What sauce?”
“What sauce?”
“Yes” (thinking, at that point of time, why the hell is she asking me if I want HOT SAUCE so many times?)
“Sir, what kind of sauce would you like?”
“What do you have?”
“Sweet sauce, Hot sauce….”
HOT Sauce!”
“Ok, great”
“Thank you”.
“Will be right back with your wings!”

Turning back to continue the conversation with my friend on the table:
“She said What Sauce, retard”
“Yes, I wasn’t thinking too well”, I say. “Maybe I should leave her the whole ten bucks”
“For a four dollar meal?!”, glaring at me.
“Er, maybe not, then.”

What can I say, dear waitress at BWW… I’m just a little Indian who’s still getting accustomed to American accents, American restaurants and American sauces. And above all, still getting accustomed to those pretty blue eyes that every girl here seems to have.


apple macbookpro

Apple releases the MacBookPro, and I am not impressed. Actually, I’m kind of stunned. This one is way, way below Apple’s standards. Let’s enumerate:

  • No choices on size? When did that happen?
  • The color is weird. It’s not exciting white, it’s not exciting titanium, it’s… dull gray.
  • The website is weird, and looks like a last minute job, or an uninspired one (by Apple standards)
  • The design of the MacBook is… weird. This doesn’t look like something Apple made. An Apple product is almost always “aesthetically-complete”; i.e. you can’t point at any attribute and say that it does not belong there. Every part of the product is in its place, and that place is the best place for it. Can someone explain why the camera is misaligned?
  • The magnetic power cord thing is the only thing I liked, but that thing too doesn’t look that good!

Either Apple is losing its fizz, or maybe the MacBookPro was only a hack job to apease Steve Jobs and the Apple fanatics? I want my 700$ FlashRAM based 12” iBook with Intel Dual Core, and I will wait till then.

Update: Also read my post about the Apple MacBook.

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Drupal insanity

1. Drupal infrastructure goes down
2. I am offline for the weekend, missing all the action.
3. Dries sets up temporary page, asking for donations for a new server, that would cost near USD $3000.
4. Donations trickle flood in, $6000+ collected in 13 hours!!
5. Current donations update: $9282 USD from 217 people.
6. Take an average: That’s 42 dollars per person!! Amazing.

update: is back up.


dotcom laughter

New York Times to Buy for about $400 Million! - and you thought only BSchool people did PJs.


twen teetoo!

Happy Budday Too Mee!

[ps:the apple ipod shuffle is for $99!]