dreams of flight

This is totally awesome. A retired airlines engineer in India bought himself a decommissioned aircraft, plonked it on his backyard, and now runs what is probably the world’s first static airline. Complete with ticketing, safety instructions and air-hostess-served in-flight refreshments! According to the video below, tickets must cost Rs. 150 but it’s free for poor school children.


illegal use of public spaces

Kiss in public space, get fined Rs. 500. Hmm. Is that Rs. 500 total, or Rs. 500 per kiss?


of travel and bad planning

Train to Dadar: Rs. 8
Bus from Dadar to Pune: Rs. 150
Bus from Pune to Dadar: Rs. 150
Taxi from Dadar to Powaii because I was a wee bit late and that the last train to Thane had left Dadar 10 minutes ago:: Rs. 260

Moral of the story: Sure, Mumbai is a city that never sleeps and all; but it's not a 24x7 show either.

Side moral of the story: Never ask a taxi driver to turn on the music at such times. Taxi drivers who run at such times possess music of abyssmal qualities that might scare you shitless.


selling your own brother

From Bhavya's blog:

Bhaiyya's Matrimonial

Aadisht Khanna: Fair, 5 foot 8.5 inches Punjabi boy; Engineering graduate, currently doing first year in IIM Bangalore. From a liberal and open minded Business family, owning property in South Delhi Locality. Teetotaller and non-smoker, occasionally vegetarian. Religion/height no bar. Dimples and curly hair preferred. Horoscope not required.

Please send in your biodata and a cash amount of Rs. 100 enclosed in envelope to be considered, c/o Bhavya Khanna, B1/40, Safdarjung Enclave.

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great oefl

Just made a Rs. 12, 000 phone call today. Just the fact that I was spent so much money during a 2 minute call freaked me out. I could almost feel the money slipping out from the credit card I had in my hands as I provided the details. The lady on the other side was like:

"Ok, so what date would you like the TOEFL exam?"
"Um, is 30th free?"
[pause as she checks]
"Yes it is free. Would you like me to book it for you?"
"uh, no. Is 1st free?"

So it's fixed: I'm giving my GRE exam on the 29th of September, and TOEFL on the 1st of October.

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