Hip Hip Hurray!! Yippee!! Google's coming to India!!



I was shocked to see that out of the world's top 500 supercomputers, only 2 are installed in India. The country summary table makes it even more scary: Saudi Arabia has 3, China has 5, UK has 36. And we call ourselves IT superpowers.


help wanted

I'm looking for PHP whizkids who're in their first or second year of college, in India for a challenging non commercial project. Please contact me if you're interested, and do spread the word around.

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usability news

A Heuristic Evaluation of the Usability of Infants:

Consistency and Standards: Most infants have similar requirements and error messages, and the same troubleshooting procedures work for a variety of infants. Cuteness is also an infant standard, ensuring that users continue to put up with the many user interface difficulties.

A retrospective on the Xerox Star Information System. If there ever was a single software that shaped the way human interaction would be handled on computers, it was this.

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From 1:30pm, the roads of every Indian city, town and village will be empty. An eerie, desolate silence will mar the markets, bus stops, and every other public place. All that will be left in India today is... Every family sitting glued to their TV sets at home watching the India vs Australia World Cup 2003 finals!