post 911

How 9/11 changed America: In statistics. The “Hate Crime” tab is just disturbing.


cheeky typos

The Typography of Girl’s Asses, by Alexander Cheek. Ironic last name, Mr. Alexander. Also take a look at dottedlinegirl’s tribute to conformity. Ass-print tracks are one of the few good innovations America’s produced in the recent past. However, this is one trend I would not like to have copied, cloned and passed on to the rather differently endowed hep auntijis of my beloved country. To imagine Mrs. Prabhakar on her early morning walk, wearing the latest ripoff Guchchi pants proclaiming “CUT PRICESS” (cute princess, get it?). Oh, the horror.


does not use overseas labor

After seeing the WayPath project, I was beginning to like ThinkTank23 as a company. It even had a "community" link and all. Just then, I read the ending lines of their about page:

Think Tank 23 is a privately-held company with service centers in Seattle, Washington, and Denver, Colorado, and a network of U.S. based resources across the country. Think Tank does not use overseas labor.

"does not use overseas labor" - Perhaps I'm being too sensitive, but I didn't like the apparent tone of the phrase. Are they trying to imply that "overseas labor" is something lowly and inferior (the term "labor" being used for software development being a whole different matter), and that their company is superior by not using it? Perhaps not. Perhaps all they're saying is that they're doing their bit for the United States by keeping American jobs in America, and hence appealing to the prospective local clients who would prefer all-American companies.