obamanations and hillarity

IBM IRL’er Rahul Gupta speaks the truth:

Local visitor has hard time giving sh*t about Clinton-Obama tussle
San Francisco (Jun 4): Recent reports have indicated that local tourist Rahul Gupta, who is visiting California for a 3-month internship, doesn’t really give a damn about the boxing match between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The 24×7 coverage of the issue on the news channels and the late night shows seem to have really pissed him off.
But what really gets his goat is that a majority of the “non-resident aliens” in US, who have no voting rights, seem to have invested a lot of time in forming their opinion. Even a FOB seems to have taken a stronger stand than the true blue Democrat citizens.
As this article was going to the press, news came in that Hillary is going to concede the nomination to Obama. Relieved, the local intern said that now he can finally watch high quality shows such as American Idol, Wife Swap, ElimiDate and Jerry Springer.

His other blog posts are also worth a read; they remind me of Satyen Kale ‘s blog, which lived a short life despite it’s utter awesomeness. If only CS Researchers would stop worrying about this P-NP business and entertain the world a little…

Simulation software

IBM’s CoScripter is a firefox extension that reminds me of the vnc-based Eggplant. Ideally, I would like to have CoScripter export the walk-through as independent .js files, allowing me to embed them into help pages for webapps. This way, I can build more easy-to-use web apps!


of blog resignations

Gaurav Sabnis resigns from IBM, all thanks to IIPM. I wonder if there are any IIPM alumni in IBM, and if there are, I wonder what they feel about this issue.


infolab musings

The InfoLab(which is where I work) has quite a few research scholars, most of whom are supported by fellowships. These fellowships are endowed by reputed companies, and come with designations for the students, such as "Infosys Fellow", "IBM Fellow" and suchlike.

In light of this, I have decided that I will henceforth work hard and build a company, and then contribute a significant portion of the profits towards research, particularly fellowships. I have also decided to name my company Stupid Inc., so that the beneficiary(e.g. John Doe) is known to the world as &q

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yahoo vs google

Yahoo dumps Google. They're powered by their own search engine now, thanks to the acquisitions the made last year. It's amusing to see how the browser wars have turned out. In the very beginning, we had the following players:

Altavista - One time leader in the websearch engine. Commited harakiri by tranforming into a portal, among other things.
AllTheWeb - Indexes a LOT of pages. I used it for pages I couldn't find anywhere else. But that's about all I used it for.
Yahoo - Search, mostly dependent on the then-huge human-managed directory. Plus points: search quality, and portal features.

falling apart

Like all things in this world, my computer too is showing signs of age. At times, the CD drive stops working, which I tend to by taking off the case cover and reattaching the connecting wires after blowing on them in an attempt to remove dust. This is an easy task, since I keep my computer in a state of "easy undress"; all screws removed, with the inner wires arranged for easy access. However, while you might think that this redressal would allow me to get on with my work, my computer decides otherwise during the next boot: Error: Floppy Drive(s) Fail. After the floppy is fixed, it's the keyboard's turn, where one encounters the funniest IBM joke yet: Keyboard fail. Press F1 to continue.

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