Regarding Maya, the spam harvester trap that I've set up; I forgot to add that I didn't write the script I'm using. While I did have a related idea about thwarting spammers (who happen to be sending about 60-70 junk emails every day to my inbox), I discovered a host of spam harvester traps that people have written in various languages. If you would like to contribute your bandwidth and set up a trap on your website, pick up a script from here. Be careful though. Make sure you properly configure your robots.txt file to stop the well behaved indexers like Google, etc.

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Is Google striving to become the uber-input-box? If you type in an address, the corresponding street map appears. Type in a company stock name, and it will fetch you the stock quotes. And then there's phone book and spell check; and the latest calculator facility.

I guess it's not just about document search anymore - it's about information. Whatever kind of information that may be. They want everyone on the internet to have that Google window open on their desktop, all the time. If you want to know something, type it in. Goo

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In retrospect, the Testbed Theory maybe a little far out, but now I'm almost sure that Google bought Blogger to bolster its Google News thingy. You see, Google News has a very slow response time - it took the Columbia mishap 6 hours to appear on the top of the page. On the other hand, millions of blogs had found out and reported a lot about it within minutes (including me). So it is for those six hours that Google will be using Blogger's data. Or so I think.

Have you noticed the footer of Google News? It's changed from

No humans were harmed or even used in the creation of this page


The selection and placement of stories on this page were determined automatically by a computer program.

The new line accomodates the possibility that blogs were involved.

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oh dang didly doo!

Google buys Pyra! This is major. Ev, Jason and the gang rollerblading in the GooglePlex... hmm.

Everyone seems to be wondering why this happened - as in, what use is a content hosting service to a search company?
A lot of people are saying that there's going to be a "Blogs" tab now, beside the News and other tabs. Some people are also wondering if Blogspot sites will get a better pagerank.

But why buy Pyra? Why not just get 20 people to build Blogger in a month? Here's what I think: It's all about the data™. In Page and Brin's paper - The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine - the base assumption was that the WWW is a huge interlinked connection of information. And you know what's incredibly funny? The Blogosphere is just that - a small scale WWW.

fashionably caribbean gurgaon

Google thinks I'm the 10th best guy who knows what you could do in Gurgaon. Google thinks I could tell people where they hid the Caribbean oil after World War 2. But to top it all, everyone should now come to me to decide what to buy for the year after the next. |


things that make you go hmmm...

Two weeks after releasing this site to the general public, the Googlebot has paid a visit. It indexed my site for 2 days, and now this site is in the Google search results. The first search term that brought people to my site is tughlaqabad fort.

While I was studying Google's indexing of this site, I've discovered that the word "arnab" means two things: It's a name; and it's a word in Somalian or some other African language (like I had guessed in a previous weblog entry). What I'd really like to know is what "arnab" means in Somalian.

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I think it'd be cool

I think it'd be cool if someone could make a small tool so that I could type in google: apples -oranges into my browser and it would take me directly to the Google search results. Yahoo messenger uses something like ymmgr: and MSN uses msmn:; so I think it should'nt be too difficult to implement.


oogle boogle

Google churns out the most amazing things! I was looking for comments/ articles about Blogsnob, and saw that we'd been featured in the Hindu Business Line!! We did do an interview with Mr. Nair a long time ago, but since he did'nt contact us after that, we didn't know if we got featured or not.
Go check out the article here. It was published on July 29th - and we didn't even know! Also note the number of time he writes "says Nandi".