When will they ever learn...

Facebook just launched a new Google Trends-esque toy called Lexicon:

Today we’re announcing the launch of Facebook Lexicon, a tool where you can see the buzz surrounding different words and phrases on Facebook Walls. Lexicon pulls from the wealth of data on Facebook without collecting any personal information in order to respect everyone’s privacy.

Basically they look at what everyone types on their walls, and then reports popularity across time. Here’s a graph of the phrases “party tonight” vs “hangover”. This is probably the funniest phase shift I have seen in 2 dimensions.

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stephen colbert owns Facebook!

Stephen T Colbert, the host of the Colbert Report and the guy who’s making Man of the Year a true story just rocked Facebook. The social network has this feature where you create a group, and ask other people to join it. The group can be about an agenda, a common peeve, of even a friend’s mother.

Growth is usually viral, people usually learn about a group by reading about it in their newsfeed. The last 10 days have seen one of the fastest growing groups in Facebook history, attracting some press coverage. The 1 million strong for Colbert group is the craziest internet phenomenon I’ve seen in a while.

As the group neared its 1 million mark, I thought it would be a good idea to monitor the growth of the group over the next few hours. With some scripting jiggery-pokery, I was able to record the size of the group every 30 seconds, from 6:30pm yesterday, to 8:30am today morning, which is when I woke up and killed the script.

So here it is, the data, visualized. Presenting to you, the growth of “1,000,000 strong for Colbert”:

Notice how the growth unsurprisingly curves off as people go to bed at 1am EST (or 11am PST), and begins growing again at 6am.

To provide a complete picture, I also threw in the overall growth data over the days:


overheard on slashdot

/. commentary about how MySpace is better than Facebook: I bet there’s going to be a merger at some point. Coming soon: FaceSpace!



Just wrote this in my Facebook status:

Arnab is going to be less annoying from now until end of October.

I guess this is a resolution, let’s see how this goes!


face this

Holy crap the Facebook dude is more than a year younger than me. Man, this sucks.