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Just so that everyone recognizes that I predicted this : Apple will launch a glorified iPod touch with a large capacity hard drive and fast networking, that is expected to be your “Personal Computing Device”, much like the Intel Personal Server

Suppose you’re traveling on business and carrying your personal server. You could sit down in front of any PC that has the necessary wireless capability and a small icon representing you would appear in a corner of the screen. When you clicked on the icon, it would expand to a much larger window, perhaps with a set of documents and applications that you are currently using, and you could access them in the same way as if you were sitting at your own computer.

Personal servers already exist in the market. The idea of a “shell” app on any Mac / PC that lets you use your iPod anywhere is pretty tempting to me — we finally have a world with all the infrastructure to support this. Well, maybe Apple wont. But someone really should — the time is right for this sorta stuff.


new soul remix

Rapper AC spins off Yael Naem’s “New Soul” into a nice little rap video peppered with commentary about Apple ads, drugs, iRaq and Obama:


apple macbookpro

Apple releases the MacBookPro, and I am not impressed. Actually, I’m kind of stunned. This one is way, way below Apple’s standards. Let’s enumerate:

  • No choices on size? When did that happen?
  • The color is weird. It’s not exciting white, it’s not exciting titanium, it’s… dull gray.
  • The website is weird, and looks like a last minute job, or an uninspired one (by Apple standards)
  • The design of the MacBook is… weird. This doesn’t look like something Apple made. An Apple product is almost always “aesthetically-complete”; i.e. you can’t point at any attribute and say that it does not belong there. Every part of the product is in its place, and that place is the best place for it. Can someone explain why the camera is misaligned?
  • The magnetic power cord thing is the only thing I liked, but that thing too doesn’t look that good!

Either Apple is losing its fizz, or maybe the MacBookPro was only a hack job to apease Steve Jobs and the Apple fanatics? I want my 700$ FlashRAM based 12” iBook with Intel Dual Core, and I will wait till then.

Update: Also read my post about the Apple MacBook.

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things I found today

WozCam - a real, live webcam in Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's home. You can even control it - pan, zoom, et al. [found via The Scobleizer]

Jakarta's Jon: Some say he's not a nice guy. Some say he's a nice guy. I don't really care - if he tells me to write a subroutine that I could've designed better, I'm not arguing with him. No way. [found via Scripting News]

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