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From World Daily News :

A 13-year-old boy has been suspended for three days by an Arizona public school because he sketched a picture that resembled a gun, something school officials said they “absolutely” believed could pose a threat.

According to a report by KPHO-TV in Phoenix, it’s not the type of greeting the Mosteller family expected when they moved from Colorado Springs to Chandler, Ariz., a few weeks ago.

“My son is a very good boy,” Paul Mosteller told the television station. “He doesn’t get into trouble. There was nothing on the paper that would signify that it was a threat of any form.”

The principal at Payne Junior High School kept the actual drawing, and officials with the Chandler Unified School District declined to release any information about the situation.


Happy Independence Day

55 years ago, on this day, a country was reborn. Like the Phoenix, it rose again, from the ashes of 300 years of British rule, with a dream. A dream that hundreds of thousands of Freedom Fighters gave up their lives for. A dream to make India the Golden Bird that it once used to be.

It's been more than half a century now.

We have a population of over one Billion. Out of the 10 lakh lepers in the entire world, 5 lakh are Indians.

Every year, lakhs of innocent people are killed in acts of Communalism and Terrorism. So many reports of cast injustices and inhumanity dot the newspapers that you'd think it was a trend. Illiteracy, Backwardness. And to top it all, Bureaucracy and Corruption - parasites that have managed to infest and take control of the so called "leaders of our country".

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