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Indiatimes -- the new spammers on the block?

It seems the newspaper group we all love so much has reached new heights – referer and comment spam. From Rojisan:

This is a bit surprising coming from a media outlet, but I’ve given them about two weeks and several attempts to clarify the situation with India Times and/or the Times Group. Since it’s such a big company, and with a reputation to protect, I’ve given them much more time to respond than I usually do.

What I do know is that the tag was for, which is operated by, and that the attack came from (in my case, at least), Spacecom Broadband, probably somewhere around New Delhi. I also know that no one from or has been willing to respond to my messages about this incident.

They’ve spammed around 4000 websites, it seems. I’d really like to write a long post about indiatimes and how much spam it sends me; but it quite reliably lands in my spam folder, so I don’t care too much. But this might be an example of revenge spamming or just some spammers trying to taint indiatimes’ “reputation”.



The Indian Ocean people sent this out:

Indian Ocean's new album "JHINI" is being released at RGs (Next to Qutab Minar) New Delhi, on May 2 at 8:00 p.m. The band will play a concert including most of the new tracks on the album. If all goes according to schedule, a video shot on "Jhini" will also be screened at the release. Tickets are available at the gate.