selling your own brother

From Bhavya's blog:

Bhaiyya's Matrimonial

Aadisht Khanna: Fair, 5 foot 8.5 inches Punjabi boy; Engineering graduate, currently doing first year in IIM Bangalore. From a liberal and open minded Business family, owning property in South Delhi Locality. Teetotaller and non-smoker, occasionally vegetarian. Religion/height no bar. Dimples and curly hair preferred. Horoscope not required.

Please send in your biodata and a cash amount of Rs. 100 enclosed in envelope to be considered, c/o Bhavya Khanna, B1/40, Safdarjung Enclave.

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i'm alive

Well, I've been meaning to write this entry for ages now, but I guess the procrastination glands have been working overtime lately.

Frequent visitors of this weblog might have noticed the "Live From Mumbai" sign removed from the headers on the 15th of this month - that was the day I came back to Delhi, after 3 and a half long months away from home. I travelled by the new Rajdhani Express, which looks spectacularly awesome in terms of exterior train design. The interior hasn't changed much, though. I was disappointed that the notable updates to the interior were restricted to larger windows and airplane-like toilet facilities. I'm sure there was a lot more they could have done with the design. Of course, when they serve you Kaju Kishmish icecream for dessert after dinner, it's a little hard to complain about the overall experience, so I'll give it a thumbs up anyway.

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travelogue II

Greetings from Ranchi! Here I am, in the capital of Jharkhand, the one time summer capital of British India's eastern zone. It's almost as cold as Delhi, except that's it's less foggy and less polluted.

The one scary aspect about travelling is relatives. In India, meeting an uncle or aunt or grandmother on any other remotely related relative means that they're going to stuff you. Stuff you with food. With sweets. And with an uncanny, manic, sadistic pleasure so overpowering that you promise to do the same to them the next time they come to your place. I'm sure this custom is a conspiracy by the Indian foods and sweet industry.

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travelogue I

Thanks to the fog in northern india, it's virtually impossible to drive almost anything anywhere. Visibility at dawn is next to zero - we had to follow blinking lights of autorikshas on our way to the station. And then there's the train which arrived here 9 hours late. Oh, by the way, I'm here in Kolkata - reached safe and sound, albeit tired and trainsick. Supposedly, the last few days are the coldest Kolkata's seen in years, but it seems like spring to me, compared to the winter in Delhi. I guess I'm travelling on a cold wave.

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grumble grumble grumble

Somebody shoot the wedding planner! The colourful Sandhya wrote in to tell me about the Delhi Bloggers Meet, on Jan 13th. I've heard there's also a Mumbai Meetup planned in the first week of Jan. Thanks to my travel schedule, I'm going to have to miss both. The only blog meetups I can attend around these dates are those that take place in Kolkata, Ranchi or Jamshedpur. However I have doubts if blogging has contaminated Jharkhand yet.

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live at modem

I'll be crashing Modem 2003 on Saturday, the 8th of November. Any Delhi schoolbloggers around? Gimme a holler. It would be cool if we can have a blog meetup of sorts.



Funny quote at Roshan's blog:

A friend who works for an NGO in Delhi just got her first salary. Her mom's reaction: "Wow, that's even less than your phone bill!"



The last time I was talking to Mahesh Shantaram, he told me he was planning a trip to Delhi. It seems that he's altered his plans a little. He's moving to Washington DC! Congratulations, Filterman.


curing nose bleeds

Arnab's cure for persitently reoccuring nose bleeds: Move to Mumbai. I mean it, seriously. In Delhi, they used to happen to me almost every day; but ever since I landed in Mumbai, they've completely gone away. 15 days so far and no problems at all. I believe it has something to do with the humid weather and climate. Perhaps I should contact the Mumbai Tourism Agencies with this as a possible attraction... "Mumbai - The Nose Friendly City"!



I made some additions to my link-list, so I should introduce them as well:

Amit Agarwal: This 'Netahoy' gizmo dude is the only other Delhi blogger I know.

Anita Bora: Rediff's shining star. Also keeper of the Indian Blogger's List, a insurmountable feat in itself, considering it's a single HTML file.

Cameron Marlow: That dude who created Blogdex. Also Ph.D. student at the Media Lab. and also into the music scene. Not exactly role model, but something incredibly close.

Gaurav Sabnis: CEO in the making at IIM Lucknow. He's in the list because of the Calvin&Hobbes cartoon on his page. Also because of the content, but the cartoon ownz.