first serve

we all complain of this malady
and seek a convenient remedy
come up with cliched reasons
sporadic disappearances spanning whole seasons
how do we explain with cogency
the plight of our infrequency?
some thing drastic needs to be done
to get rid of this deprivation
of food for thought, stuff to write about
to invigorate the literary spout

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back in bombay

After a whirlwind trip to Delhi, I'm back in aamchi Mumbai. If I didn't meet up with you in Delhi, really sorry, feel free to drop by my place anytime when you're in Mumbai. As always, I'm suffering from the Blogger's Paradox, the one in which you have so much to write about that you don't want to write about anything. Supposedly the popular cure to this is to start with random bits to get the flow going, and things will automatically solve themselves.

Hence, let's begin with some observations. What is it with bloggers and the culinary arts? First we have one of the alpha-indibloggers hang up their geek gloves in exchange for a wok and a skimmer, somewhere in Bangalore. Then we have Meg putting on the apron to follow her heart. And closer to Mumbai, NidhiTee just Alt+F4ed her blog, with the only remote hope of reading her words again on the world wide web, apparently being her cooking blog. My condolences to her stalkers.

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good chinese food

If you're in Bangalore, do visit Madhu's new restaurant, Shiok Far-eastern Cuisine that serves good Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Singaporean food and has a rather spiffy website with a "Chef's Blog" even. The restaurant is on CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore and all the food here contains no MonoSodiumGlutamate(Ajinomoto), so you don't have to worry about brain damage or anything like that when eating here.

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way to go!

Bangalore, get ready, here comes Aadisht!



There is news that Ramsus Lerdorf is going to speak at Linux Bangalore 2003. The event is from the 2nd to the 4th of December, and my endsems start from 8th. Why does this always happen to me?! I guess I can console myself with the fact that Zeev and Andi(the current maintainers of the language and designers of the upcoming fifth version) are not coming.


what's with this city?

Mick Jagger and Company just rocked Mumbai and Bangalore... Nidhi had the priviledge to witness the magic. Despite being the capital of the country, it is a sad truth that Delhi is the pits when it comes to anything remotely connected to any form of culture. In Sunday's HT, Indrajit Hazra (HT's resident rockman) wrote an article giving reasons for this, and wrote that large gigs were not held in Delhi because to get an event approved, the organizers would have to first give free passes to the ministers, their secretaries, the secretaries' secretaries, and so on, right down to the PA of the janitor of the office. We'd probably end up with a stadium full of freeloaders who'd anyway leave after 10 minutes because the show was all bakwaas.

now playing

I found this pure DHTML game called Scorched at Be careful - it's quite addictive.

Just discovered a phenomenal band called Phenom - PESIT's rock band. They're just back from doing a gig at Linux Bangalore (where 2 of the band members gave a robotics talk!). The band's website has complete band lineup, history, and mp3s of live recordings.

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