Sania Mirza and the billion distorted hopes at center court

It took me ages to find one unbiased article on the internet about Sania Mirza’s defeat yesterday; that didn’t portray her as the New Mother Teresa who will save the poor, huddled, out of shape masses of India and lead them to higher glories. Come on, people, she’s not superwoman. It was a world #75 playing against a world #5, US Open winner; what did you expect?

Not that she didn’t play well — it wasn’t really a cakewalk for Kuznetsova, I’m sure the rather crisp and energetic 3 game comeback by Sania in the last set wasn’t the most comfortable of times for her.

As long as she doesn’t get carried away with those corny adverts she’s doing on TV lately, I’m sure she’ll go places. All in good time.


Creepy Coincidence?

Just when the company mailing list was discussing in-office cellphone ethics, the PA(Public Addressal) system suddenly began playing RadioCity 91FM. And then turned up the volume.


indian summer

Currently listening to Antaragni cover of “Summer of 69”. It’s a very nicely done indianized version of the evergreen anthem. I had first heard it as the soundtrack for a promo for Manipal University, then had to hunt around for the track. If only their website wasn’t in Flash, I really wanted to listen to more of them.


tracking contextual advertising

Just added some ads to the website using kbahey’s module. It’s more like an attempt to keep track of the state-of-art in contextual advertising, preliminary observations:

* Using the search box will give you ads relevant to your search query. Try searching for prescription drugs.
* It seems they know that my website is more popular for it’s weblog, so I have blog ads by default.
* I sometimes see an India ad. Geo-IP type things? How legal is this?
* They’re also relevant to the search terms people use to come to my website.

I wonder if they grok the pages I link to and bias the ads based on the content there? Imho, if the content of advertising matches the content linked to, that’ll be pretty cool, and helpful to both me and the advertiser.

Another idea, why can’t craigslist do contextual adverts? For example, I can write about Cafe’ Mondegar, and I should be able to show up a classified for a flat available in Colaba. In other words, merge the idea of community classifieds with contextual advertising. Comprende’?


Kalsey Consulting Group acquires BlogSnob

Bye Bye BlogSnob! My first project to be acquired. Here’s the official press release.

Using Telnet to send mail by SMTP

This article tells you about the basic command set of SMTP that you could use to send email through Telnet.

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Making Programs Talk to each other using XML-RPC

The Internet has changed the way applications are built today. In the last few years, we have seen a sudden burst in Internet software – Instant Messengers, Online Gaming, etc; all based on the client-server architecture. With all this client server technology, we also have to ensure compatibility between languages, and operating systems. XML-RPC is one way to do this.

An Introduction to Digital Watermarking

With the recent spate of cases involving fake currency, no one needs to be reminded of the importance of watermarking. A watermark is a form, image or text that is impressed onto paper, which provides evidence of its authenticity. Digital watermarking is an extension of this concept in the digital world.

Writing a simple guestbook script using DBX

Personal Homepages often contain a small section called a guestbook - a place where people can come and write stuff about how they liked the website, or just to let the person know that they've visited the page. And mostly, these pages are the ones with very less traffic.

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Tag Soup

Here's a List of all the tags(categories, labels, whatever you call them) used at